Friday, March 16, 2007

Ketua JKKK merangkap Ketua MCA cawangan dan AJKnya bersembang dengan penulis

When PAS puts forth its intention to permeate all kinds of communities irrespective of race, religion or strata many cast a very unbelieving look. The masses have been drummed by the kind of a very stereotype image of PAS carved by the multitude of UMNO/BN's media monopoly. The common nation is that PAS is an orthodox political party which strives to gain power only to force its ideals onto the unsuspecting rakyat.

Despite bad governance being obvious as portrayed by the declining corruption perception index by foreign business men, crimes mushrooming, juvenile deliquencies rife, croynism the order of the day, even dengue fever is still not being eradicated. Flash floods, dirty pipe water in Selangor maju 2005, employees are at risk of being dumped by employers who find labour cost more attractive in other countries compared to Malaysia. The people at large are still too frozen with the fear of change lest the new government dreamed by the Alternative front will usher in chaos. The Malaysian people are paralyzed as they witness in the media what happens when a government change hands overseas. What they fail to comprehend is the peoples' power will dictate the future of the country. If the majority of the people want peace and at the same time desire a government that puts the people's wellbeing as its prime purpose of existence, Malaysia will be run by authority with integrity. This is not impossible to achieve!
Of course there need to be sacrifice on the part of the people. Sacrifice of the comfort zone. The familiar! Even if it is not so safe( ask Canny Ong and Altantuya's families just to mention a couple), or not so comfortable anymore. The fact that familiarity is so soothing that it paralyzes the vast majority of Malaysians from taking action that can save it from its political, social and economic downfall. The FTA is an open invitation to US invasion of Malaysia. Why the big fuss about 50 years of MERDEKA??!!

So, come on guys, wake up! We all have to get together to cause a positive change in the country. PAS needs you to effect change. We have to show the present government that we as the intelligent rakyat wants to be a stop to the political drama they are portraying. We, the rakyat, have suffered enough oppression under this present regime. We want more say as rakyat in the Dewan Rakyat and the Dewan Undangan Negeri. We have been betrayed enough when the rakyat gave a big mandate to BN in 2004 general election. They have not delivered up to expectations. We will teach them not to only think of their and their cronies' pockets. We are humans. We deserve better attention. Join us in the alternative front!

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