Friday, December 15, 2006

The Stressors in Bolehland is mounting

We have not recovered from the nasty aftershocks of the escalating cost of living inevitably triggered by the failure of the Malaysian government to buffer the rude fuel hike.The electricity and water tarriffs had just been raised. We are now ushered into the new year with another source of already skyrocketing stress in Selangor especially the Klang Valley, the toll rates hike. No wonder the society at large is getting stressed and crime rates one would predictably spiral as well. The Government mumbled about the shocking statistics pertaining to divorce rates in Malaysia. What is so surprising if this simple smallest community unit is not able to maintain harmony due to insurmountable stress probably related to double jobs that the breadwinner need to take in order to feed his family and pay the bills.What kind of solace does he get from the ever increasing expenditure with his rather fixed income?
So, when the Government announced that it would like to share the burden with the rakyat, DOESN'T that signify that the present government IS in EFFECT MAKING IT PUBLIC THAT IT IS NOT capable of looking after the welfare of its subjects. So, why should we let this kind of government run our country forever when it is blatantly obvious that this same government previously announced of spending millions to build a sports complex in U.K.etc DO we the ordinary rakyat benefit from such extravagance? PETRONAS boasts of surplus of gains? How is that being reflected in the alleviation of the rakyat's misery? The alledged inevitable increase in our day-to-day bills i.e. electricity, water and phone bills that we as rakyat are told to bear is difficult to swallow too. Do you realize that the same companies who claim they have to increase their rates on us consumers IRONICALLY HAVE ALL THE CASH to sponsor all kinds of absurd programs.The next time you watch the TV, read the newspapers spot the big programs' ads and see who sponsor them. Especially those involving the big shots in the country... You will be amazed to see how many programs are sponsored by these privatized providers of basic human amenities. Care to know just how big a chunk of money is wasted to only a segment of the rakyat at the expense of the society as a whole? Ask the birds...they have got excellent views.

Little wonder when we hear of Altantuya's heartless murder, the 3 innocent kids who were made to swallow bleach by their mentally confused parents haunted by Ah Longs, babies thrown down the flat.... the list goes on.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Who killed Pak Itam mercilessly?

What do you think this picture represent? What does it mean to you? Do you need anymore information to understand thoroughly the situation before you can decide on the meaningful steps to be taken? Where do you think its taken?

So, who do you think was Pak Itam's merciless killer?

Some of you concluded it must have been Mak Itam because you WERE TOLD that the police could not find her so you would have imagined that she purposely disappeared to avoid being caught by the authority.

Now, some of you said it was Jeff because you WERE AGAIN TOLD that he made a quick exit when he saw the police were rushing to the house.

So, who is right and who is not? All of you agreed that the killer deserves harsh punishment.

What if I told that you that Pak Itam and Mak Itam were highly prized birds of Dato' XYZ who were confined in a cage. Jeff was actually their cat which went wild and managed to cause the cage to open and voraciously attacked the male bird!

So most of you wanted the killer to be severely punished when you thought it was a person.

The moral of the story

We are constantly exposed to all kinds of stories every single day of our lives. Sensational ones are splashed in the news everyday and we are left to consume the stories most of the time with very little bacground information and some of the information may even be misleading(sometimes intentional). On top of that, we have our own set of past experiences through our association with different sets of human beings, environment and achievements.

We are left to our own discretion to decipher the real values or the truth through the explosive mass of information or stories strategically aligned by writers to produce certain accepted cascade of reactions usually dictated politically to preserve the governing political party.

So, say we hear something bad about someone. We are given the 'what' is so evil about the person revealed. BEFORE JUDGING this person, we need to know the background about the accused AND the ACCUSER. Does the person who portray the bad image have something behind the scene that will benefit him OR his organization? Was the accused under duress to commit what he did? What was the history that preceded a particular act of misconduct or evil deed? If we are correct does that necessarily prove that everybody else opinion is wrong? If I say it is night right now and you choose to say it's day, does that mean we are exclusive of each other?

Some of the articles we read especially especially those involving public/political or opposition figures always beware of the extra 'spices' thrown in the stories to create a thriller that might last a few days/weeks or even months. Especially when there is a political agenda either to enhance or destroy the image of someone we have to specially cautious and analyze the views fed into our unsuspecting minds to prolong the reign of ailing governments and to terminate or diminish the growing influence of their opposers.

So, what do we do before we grab any newspaper? May I suggest we be clear in our minds so that we are subjected to just anybody's manouvres of our emotions that blind most judgements and cause irreversible damage. Despite the glaring fact that some so-called leaders contradict their own principles in decisions they make and actions they take.

I'll try to explain in our future encounters, insyaallah.

'Unconventional thinking'

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The judgement, the judge and the judged

Who killed Pak Itam mercilessly??

The police rushed to the famous bungalow on the highly-sought slope of the prestigious Bolehville area. There were fresh blood stains on the marble floor from the front door to where the stiff body of Pak Itam lay in the magnificient hall. Pak Itam's ripped-open abdomen smeared the expensive Persian rug. Even his small legs were viciously separated from his body. There was obvious bleeding of his skull too.

The police searched for Mak Itam but to no avail.

Jeff who was lying down on the RM20000 imported couch dashed out and made a quick escape when he saw the police approached the main door. All the amassed wealth of the houseowner was untouched by the killer.


  1. Who was the killer?

  2. In your opinion, what do you think is the best punishment warranted?
  3. What do you suppose the ones who are given the sentence of your judgement think of you?

Kindly submit your answers in the comments section.

PAS's First Chinese Bulletin

Determined to establish closer ties to the Chinese community, PAS chose to forge forward and got whatever limited resources it has to create a medium that can reach the Chinese elders and those who can comprehend Mandarin and little Malay. It was circulated on a chosen memorable date of 6/06/06 in Kedah.
The main objective of the birth of this bulletin is to bring forth to the Chinese community what PAS is really all about. From PAS itself. Not contaminated information about PAS from the mainstream mass media which is easily available to them as most are owned and hence controlled by PAS's political arch enemies. Their main aim is of course to portray a feeble, extremist and boring picture of PAS to frighten off the readers from ever supporting PAS.
PAS being an experienced political party has leaders and followers who are charismatic, armed with people skills and have the iniative to approach the initially 'cold' Chinese who usually choose to shy away from the 'alarming Islamists' as branded by the governing coalition BN. With perseverance and lasting sincere effort, they manage to win the hearts of the Non-Malays who later proved themselves to be PAS's staunch supporters and form the PAS SUPPORTERS' CLUB or Kelab Penyokong PAS currently chaired by an ex-MCA oldtimer of 20 years, Mr. Hu Pang Chaw. With this positive development came the strength to realize the production of the bulletin 'Ren Min Shi Shi'.
Those of you who are curious and would like to contact Mr. Hu can leave your message in the comments column in this blog.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Malaysia urgently needs DETOX??

Looking For Solution To The Root Of The Problem

What do you do when you are told you have got elevated cholesterol level? You will work hard to get rid of it, right? What if you are told your kidneys are not functioning, God forbid? You will rush to do a dialysis to get rid of the toxins that are accumulating in your body, right? And when someone is diagnosed, God forbid, with colon cancer, which doctors unanimously agree are due to the culprit toxins called carcinogens consumed by the patient. He or she will stop consuming those toxin-containing food and drinks and start cleansing the cancer of his/her system won't he/she?
Now, let us reflect on the toxins that have entered the minds and souls of the whole array of human beings in the country.

The STAR 2/12/06(N3) reported:
Desa Petaling Kuala Lumpur: Three siblings were found dead, believed to have been forced by their parents to swallow bleach and the parents themselves, a tourist guide and a hawker resppectively by profession, had slashed their wrists.
........They say this tragedy stemmed from incessant harassment by ALONG.

The STAR 4/12/06 front page:
Petaling Jaya: Fake Bar Council ballot papers:
'.....The scrutnineers discovered discrepancy when 50 ballot slips were FOUND TO HAVE SERIAL NUMBERS HIGHER than the 12500 issued by the Bar Council Election Secretariat.'

Wow..... this is glaring evidence of abnormality in the election system of even the so called intellectual group. Oh no, we also heard the complaints of the election process in the universities..... And yes don't forget the general election in 2004. The sudden prolongation of voting time in Selangor. The discrepancy between the 'daftar pemilih' given to the rightful candidates and those actually used by the SPR on election day..... The complaints by Kelantan and Trengganu of 'ghost voters'. Hey folks, doesn't this sound familiar. Can we do a DNA testing to see the connection. Just joking.

So we have seen two different strata (upper and lower classes) of the society with infection of the mind and souls. What about the loss of microchips. Oops.....our CPI index has worsened too.. from 39 to 44. And who are the culprits smearing Malaysia's reputation at the international level? They say we are having Visit Malaysia Year 2007. ....don't we?

Sounds like there seem to toxins of betrayal and sins of the minds and souls of a portion of Malaysians especially affecting those who have been chosen by the rakyat and who had been entrusted to have access to the wealth and infractructure of the nation. What a crime to waste the mandate of the unknowing mass.

We had earlier agreed that in our normal daily living when we are aware of toxins circulating at a dangerous level in our body we are quick to solve the problem through the process of DETOXIFICATION. So, by the same notion, when we are fully aware of the noxious level of toxins which are penetrating the governing system of the country, why are we not proactive in getting rid of them in the next election. Steven Covey, author of the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People stresses on proactivity. Let us strive together to uphold justice and prevent corruption and massive wastage of taxpayers money.

Your comments are most welcomed.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Perpaduan Tanggungjawab PAS

Adakah Anda Mengenali PAS Yang Sebenar?

Mungkin adalah satu perkara yang hampir tidak diduga apabila ada rakyat yang bukan penganut agama Islam menyokong PAS yang mendasari Islam. PAS tidak mengamal talam dua muka. PAS tidak apologetik dalam mengakui bahawa ianya bertunjangkan Al Quran sebagai kalimah Tuhan yang Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Bijaksana dan juga As Sunnah sebagai kalimah Nabi Muhammad sebagai pesuruh Allah yang menterjemahkan Al Quran. Maka PAS tunduk kepada segala tuntutan Al Quran Dan Sunnah dalam menentukan prinsip dan tindakan parti. PAS tidak akan memaksa sesiapa yang bukan Islam untuk memeluk Islam. PAS tidak akan menghalang sesiapa untuk beribadah menurut apa yang diyakininya. Adalah satu propaganda jahat apabila ada pihak yang mengatakan sekiranya PAS diberi peluang untuk memerintah PAS akan memusnahkan semua tempat peribadatan. Sesiapa yang pernah pergi ke Kelantan dan melihat sendiri tokong terbesar di Asia Tenggara di bawah Kerajaan PAS Kelantan sudah pasti akan yakin bahawa PAS mengotakan kata-katanya. Ini adalah kerana PAS menghayati ayat256 surah Al Baqarah( Al Quran) yang bermaksud:

'Tidak ada paksaan untuk (memasuki)agama Islam; sesungguhnya telah jelas jalan yang benar daripada jalan yang sesat. Kerana itu barangsiapa yang ingkar kepada Taghut dan beriman kepada Allah, maka sesungguhnya ia telah berpegang kepada buhul tali yang amat kuat yang tidak akan putus. Dan Allah Maha Mendengar Lagi Maha Mengetahui.'

Maka PAS tidak perlu berlakon depan pelbagai golongan agama seperti apa yang dilakukan oleh sesetengah pihak. PAS tidak mahu berdosa dengan mengenepikan kehendak penganut agama lain seperti yang dituntutkan agama mereka.
PAS memahami dan menghormati keyakinan dan budaya semua golongan.Worldview PAS jelas dan tidak perlu disembunyikan daripada sesiapapun. Gerak langkah PAS juga jelas. Bukankah ini membuka ruang seluas-luasnya untuk menilai ketelusan dan keikhlasan PAS yang berusaha bertungkus lumus untuk menyedia kebajikan rakyat. Anda tidak yakin PAS mempunyai kredibiliti untuk melaksanakan 'good governance' walaupun anda mengakui PAS mempunyai indeks rasuah, penyelewengan kuasa, kronisme,maksiat paling minima kerana PAS adalah God-fearing?? Anda sudah kaji tentang kemampuan ilmu dan kemahiran serta aset lain yang terdiri dari 'silent supporters' PAS? Adakah PAS hanya sebagai penyibuk yang mengganggu kestabilan politik dan ekonomi negara? Sekiranya anda sudah cekap menaip dengan 'typewiter' dan berpuas hati dengan hasilnya, mengapa anda sekarang menaip mengguna dengan komputer?
Bersama kami di ruang ini untuk mengenali PAS dengan lebih dekat.
Pengerusi Lajnah/Biro Perpaduan Nasional Dewan Muslimat Pas Pusat

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Konsep Solidariti Termaktub Dalam Perlembagaan PAS

PAS Menjiwai Solidariti

PAS adalah sebuah parti politik yang sah dan di antara yang utama dalam mewarnai lanskap politik negara. Sebagai sebuah badan siyasah yang sudah lebih separuh abad umurnya PAS telah bersama-sama rakyat Malaysia menyaksikan dan merasakan keperitan apabila soal perpaduan di antara kaum yang beraneka bangsa dan agama di Malaysia dikesampingkan oleh pihak yang bertanggungjawab. Malah ada ketikanya isu perkauman diapi-apikan oleh parti-parti politik yang berasaskan kaum seperti yang terjadi semasa Perhimpunan Agung parti Melayu UMNO baru-baru ini. Sudah naluri manusia apabila disentuh tentang perkara sensitif tentang kaum masing-masing maka kaum yang merasa tercabar akan merasa dipinggir dan bangkit melaungkan rasa tidak puas hati kepada kaum yang dirasa menindas dan tidak adil. Adalah sangat logik sekiranya UMNO sebagai sebuah parti Melayu mengagendakan apa yang mereka gelar 'sebagai mmemperjuangkan agenda Melayu'. Begitu juga seterusnya dengan parti MCA yang mempunyai 'kecinaan' dan MIC yang mengagendakan 'perjuangan kaum India'. Maka kenapa melenting dan berpencak apabila persidangan masing-masing hanyalah mengemukakan apa yang sudah sedia maklum mengikut aliran perkauman. Berdasarkan nama parti-parti politik tersebut sudah jelas itulah sebenarnya perjuangan mereka.

PAS jauh berbeza dengan parti-parti kerkauman di atas. PAS mendasari Islam dan Islam adalah untuk semua kaum. PAS sudah awal-awal lagi memikirkan isu perpaduan ini dan terbukti kesungguhan PAS untuk menyemai dan memupuk perpaduan di antara pelbagai kaum di Malaysia ini boleh dilihat dengan jelas dalam perlembagaannya pada bab 3 fasal6(3):

' Memupuk dan memperkuatkan ukhuwwah Islamiyyah dan menyuburkan rasa perpaduan di kalangan rakyat bagi memelihara kehidupan politik dan masyarakat yang sihat dan berkebajikan'

Bab 3 Fasal 6(9) berbunyi:

'Memperjuangkan hak dan kepentingan umat Islam di negara ini TANPA mengabaikan tanggungjawab melaksanakan keadilan terhadap seluruh rakyat Malaysia dan tanggungjawab mewujudkan KEHARMONIAN ANTARA KAUM di dalam negara ini'