Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How 'Merdeka' Are You?

Huge publicity on the big event of 50 years 0f 'Merdeka' started even before the year 2007 commenced. Tons of taxpayers' money had been burnt to produce this massive publicity(read publicity for UMNO/BN for oncoming elections) through the relevant ministries and government agencies. Even the private sectors are not spared. They are forced to join in the whole drama just to show support of the current government otherwise they would be 'black listed' and their requests or dealings with the government agencies would be 'snail-paced' and that would be extremely unprofitable for any business especially if it deals with the law/permit etc. The government has set its mind to make this merdeka Celebration 'terbilang'. Afterall that is the slogan of the present premier's leadership.
I am not against celebrating the independence day per se as long as it is within the budget and every citizen is well- fed, well-clothed and has a proper dwelling..........The unnecessary time, money and human capital spent on just to celebrate the past is a questionable move especially in times of hardship that the masses are facing. Of course beautiful stories on how well the economy of the nation is faring, the increase salaries of government servants( election carrots?), the PM' s international visits that seem to create good bilateral ties with other nations, all these and a lot more are splashed strategically in the mainstream mass media to anaesthetizie the rakyat's mind of the real situation in Malaysia. Let's glean through a few day to day issues.
  1. Finance: Bread and butter issues. A fair proportion of employees are 'disposed of' by their companies because of decrease profitability due to increase competition in ASEAN countries and CHINA. Why do we have exuberant growth of crime in the form of snatch thieves, break-ins, armed robbery etc.?
  2. Education: Has the education system been capable of producing fulfilled, well-balanced citizens whom when they are given the mandate to hold important positions whether in the public sector or the private sector execute their duties with integrity and accountability? What about its performance in those placed in extremely vital posts such as those involved in national security and defence? Are we in safe hands? Are we producing people who are victorious in the paper chase?!What about those who failed to further their education.....why the 'rempits', drug addicts, HIV carriers etc.?
  3. Social
  4. Safety
  5. Politic